There are many different types of floral arrangements to choose from.

You might order a funeral spray, or a wreath designed to be placed on top of the coffin. If the flowers are to be used after the funeral, a funeral spray may be more appropriate as the stems on the flowers tend to be longer and the flowers last longer. Alternatively, a sheaf or bouquet of flowers may be suitable.

For specific personalised tributes or to see the fullest range of possibilities you would be best advised to visit your local florist. All florists deliver to us as part of their service.

Please contact us for more details and to find out which office the flowers should be delivered to prior to the service.

Local Florists:
Roses (Bedlington Station) 01670 826656
Bedlington Florist 01670 822365
Robinsons (Ashington) 01670 813150
Sarahs ( Ashington) 01670 856198


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