When considering the final resting place for ashes there are several options. We fully understand that we are all individuals and therefore we appreciate that you might want to arrange a more personal farewell. 

Ashes may be returned to the family for private dispersal in a location of personal significance, for example on the hills, a favourite walk or at sea. We have even helped to arrange the dispersal of cremated remains in the form of fireworks or the creation of small pieces of jewellery that mean the wearer has a permanent reminder of their loved one. Of course we also provide a wide range of urns so that the remains may be kept in a traditional manner.  

Ashes may also be dispersed or buried in the Garden of Remembrance at the crematorium. The crematorium normally does this soon after the cremation and members of the family can attend if they wish. Another option is the burial of the ashes in a cemetery. This has the advantage of a specific and permanent place of memorial to visit or lay flowers over the coming years. Several cemeteries within the Northumberland area offer dedicated “cremated remains plots”. Even a family grave, which is no longer available for a burial, would almost certainly be able to accommodate an ashes casket and an inscription could be added to the memorial or a new memorial erected.

We can arrange all details of an ashes interment including both erection of new memorial stones or adding inscriptions and renovating existing stones. Please don’t hesitate to ask us for details.

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