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When you place your trust in Peter Grenfell, you can expect the highest standards of professionalism. Our values of compassion, dedication, integrity and respect - for everyone - drive our truly distinct service.

Peter Grenfell established his own company in 2004 building on his own, and a long established family, legacy of serving Ashington and Bedlington communities and earning their trust. Peter’s grandfather Tom was the first of the family to work as a coachbuilder and undertaker in the region in the 1950s. Two decades later, Tom’s son John, along with his son and Tom’s grandson, Bob, acquired D Davis’ funeral home in Bedlington. During the early 1970s, Peter Grenfell, also Tom’s grandson, joined the family business and together they developed a reputation for care and compassion. In 2004, Peter set up his own business, Peter Grenfell, before acquiring Westfield House in Ashington and embarking on a large refurbishment project.

Approaching retirement in 2009, Peter sought out another family business with ethics and experience to take on the legacy of his own. William Purves, with its five generations and reputation for premier funeral services was a natural fit.

Today, our values of compassion, dedication, integrity and respect are at the heart of Peter Grenfell as the four-strong team continue supporting bereaved families in Ashington, Bedlington and surrounding areas.

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Helping you honour their life

As the final ritual of life, a funeral is our way of saying goodbye, honouring a life lived and a life loved. Funerals play an important role in our grieving process and often we can feel a huge responsibility to get it right. Which is why we start with the view that every funeral is unique and every funeral is special. In years to come we want you to look back without regret and take comfort from the way you laid your loved one to rest. We have been guiding and supporting families through bereavement for many generations. Let our family help your family by sharing with you the wealth of understanding and experience we have gathered over the years.

Our team

As independent funeral directors we serve bereaved families in our local community.

News & Blog

Explore our blog and news section for advice, resources and the latest news affecting funerals.

News & Blog

Explore our blog and news section for advice, resources and the latest news affecting funerals.


"It's reassuring to have all these details ironed out and in a plan for the family to follow."

C MacCrae (81) 
C MacCrae (81)

"... our plans will ensure that the children have a clear idea of what we want and we've put a significant sum towards paying for it."

G Ferguson (75) 
G Ferguson (75)

"Your Plan of Wishes checklist has enabled the whole family to tackle a subject we'd been avoiding for a long time."

H Smith (37) 
H Smith (37)

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