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According to the 2020 Sun Life Cost of Dying report, only 1% of respondents knew what their loved one wanted for their funeral. We see families struggle to make decisions on a daily basis without that knowledge. But we can help.

Using our free checklist of questions, you can consider and tick-off your preferences. You can also use it to prompt a discussion with close family or friends to find out what they would like. The 20-points cover the basics to the very specific so you can be as explicit or as simple as you want.

Who should consider a Plan of Wishes?

  • You, for your own funeral so your family have a clear plan to follow when the time comes
  • For anyone you care for or have responsibility for
  • For those approaching end of life

Where do I start?

  • Download the checklist, complete it and call us to make an appointment or post it back
  • Or, you can use our Plan of Wishes form and complete it online
  • In both circumstances, we’ll send you a hard copy of your plan with extra copies for family or executors – with no charge
  • We can even assist telling your family on your behalf – yes, we’ve been invited to explain the decisions of one client to his family so he didn’t have to deal with difficult questions.

How do I find out about other people’s wishes?

  • Use the checklist to help trigger the awkward conversation with family to find out what they want. In our experience, just asking a couple of the questions at a time provokes lots of discussion and often brings families together as you explore different options together

Planning ahead costs nothing but it’s priceless to get right. All our resources are free of charge, from the checklist, to the plans – even meeting with our specialists in your own home or our branches once coronavirus restrictions are lifted.

This is our area of expertise so lean on our experience to help you and your family get valuable peace of mind.