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By 2100, Facebook is expected to have 4.9 billion deceased members according to a report in The Guardian based on a study by Oxford University. Researchers believe by 2070, dead members could outnumber the living.

Even once you have died, your digital footprint lives on, raising questions around ownership and access rights for families. Would your loved ones know where to look for your online accounts and profiles? Is it possible to bypass passwords? Where do you start? People often overlook their end of life wishes for the digital world, but they are just as important as wishes in the real world. And if managed well, can bring comfort to friends and family rather than becoming a source of distress.

We’ve produced a free guide on managing your digital end of life from your photos and social media profiles to online accounts in banking, retail or cloud storage.

Download Digital Death Guide or Request an Info Pack for more information.

Our family, here to look after your family.

Source: The Guardian, 30 April 2019 https://www.theguardian.com/technology/2019/apr/29/facebook-dead-users-2100-oxford